Ends on December 31, 2017

This is for submissions to be entered into consideration to be screened on an upcoming episode of SD MUSIC SEEN.

We are now accepting music videos and newly released music projects for consideration to be screened or premiered on the program.


This is for San Diego based music videos, films, web series episodes or albums that utilize at least 80% local talent, crew, locations and resources.

This is NOT a registration for San Diego Film Week or San Diego Film Awards or any of our screening events.  Submissions for FCSD events are submitted separately during open call for entries.


In this registration form, provide as much information as you have!  Don't worry if you don't have all the items, only a few are mandatory!  You can always come back and add more items when they are ready by requesting to edit your listing through this website.


1.  You have the right to withdraw your film for any reason with 3 days written notice.  We reserve the right to withdraw our support for any reason with 3 days written notice.   Emails shall qualify as written notice.

2. All parties agree that shall there be a dispute, they shall attend mediation before filing any legal action.

3. Any legal action shall proceed only through the San Diego Superior Court. 

4. All parties, prevailing or non-prevailing, shall be responsible for their own legal fees.
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