The Film Consortium San Diego is a social venture that stimulates film and television production in the region and increases networking, employment, education, funding and distribution opportunities in film, television and new media.  The Film Consortium produces the annual San Diego Film Awards, Film Indiego for KPBS, and San Diego Film Week.  Visit us at

Ends on December 1, 2017$150.00

Presented by Film Consortium San Diego in partnership with KPBS and So Say We All

Challenge:     The Film Con Challenge is a timed competition bringing together some of San Diego’s greatest storytellers to produce a short film (less than 15 minutes) in a 2 month long competition.  Each year, The Film Con Challenge will promote an overarching theme for the timed competition, with 2017 being entitled “True San Diego”. True San Diego aims to tell stories of real people and real lives in San Diego. Teams will be given up to three vetted stories from the local writer’s group So Say We All and will have to do the following:

  1. Adapt the story into a screenplay

  2. Shoot, edit and hand in final film by deadline

  3. Include 2 technical elements in the produced film

*(Please note, there is a strong likelihood teams will be given the same story to adapt.)

Objective:     We hope to create unique and interesting stories that are visually distinctive and highlight real stories of real people in San Diego.  We want to  change the way stories are told locally  and  create compelling stories that are true and local.  


“True San Diego” provided by So Say We All


Kickoff:   Friday December 1st at 6PM

Deadline:   Monday, January 29th at 6PM

Cost:   $120 registration fee until November 19th at midnight

           $150 registration fee from November 13th until December 1st at 6PM


All films will be automatically screened during the  2018 San Diego Film Week and will be eligible for the 2019 San Diego Film Awards.


Winning Film will receive $300 credit on Film Freeway for Film Festival submissions

List of Winners will be posted online at

“Best of” will be Broadcast on KPBS (up to 4 selected films)

All entries will be screened at SD Film Week 2018

All entries are eligible for the 2019 San Diego Film Awards

Ends on December 31, 2017
This is for submissions to be entered into consideration to be screened on an upcoming episode of SD MUSIC SEEN.

We are now accepting music videos and newly released music projects for consideration to be screened or premiered on the program.


This is for San Diego based music videos, films, web series episodes or albums that utilize at least 80% local talent, crew, locations and resources.

This is NOT a registration for San Diego Film Week or San Diego Film Awards or any of our screening events.  Submissions for FCSD events are submitted separately during open call for entries.


In this registration form, provide as much information as you have!  Don't worry if you don't have all the items, only a few are mandatory!  You can always come back and add more items when they are ready by requesting to edit your listing through this website.


1.  You have the right to withdraw your film for any reason with 3 days written notice.  We reserve the right to withdraw our support for any reason with 3 days written notice.   Emails shall qualify as written notice.

2. All parties agree that shall there be a dispute, they shall attend mediation before filing any legal action.

3. Any legal action shall proceed only through the San Diego Superior Court. 

4. All parties, prevailing or non-prevailing, shall be responsible for their own legal fees.
$45.00 - 95.00

San Diego's Film Industry is growing fast and Film Consortium Members are making it happen!  Film Consortium Plus Membership is a NEW way to support and get involved in all the exciting events, contests and opportunities emerging in the local community.  By becoming a member you not only help this effort grow, you also have access to a growing list of benefits. 



$95 per year for professionals (renewed annually)

$45 per year for students (renewed annually)

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Film Consortium San Diego!  It is because of our volunteers that we are able to continue to do work to promote and support the talent in our local film community.  Please fill out the following form so that we may learn about  you and find an appropriate volunteer position for you at one of our events.