The Film Consortium San Diego is a social venture that stimulates film and television production in the region and increases networking, employment, education, funding and distribution opportunities in film, television and new media.  The Film Consortium produces the annual San Diego Film Awards, Film Indiego for KPBS, and San Diego Film Week.  Visit us at

Ends in 5 days, 14 hours $ 50.00 - 65.00
$ 50.00 - 65.00
January 28th 10am-2pm @ 3rd Space in University Heights
Registration cost:  $65 General 
                              $50 Film Consortium PLUS Members

Join us for this single day workshop where you will learn the basics of writing for TV. Led by San Diego-based television writer Courtney Hale who has worked for NBC, CBS, ABC-Disney, Syfy and Sony Pictures Television. She is also one of the writers for Tonight in San Diego and the San Diego Film Awards. Don't miss this opportunity to work with one of San Diego's BEST television writers!

This introductory level class will take you into the writer's room to introduce you to the team, processes, and creativity behind the design and development of a story.  

Come to the workshop with an idea you would like to pitch, get feedback, refine your idea, and learn about what goes on in the writer's room. Following the workshop, pitches will have the option to be submitted to the Film Consortium SD for further review and consideration.
This workshop will focus on teaching you:
1. What is a television writers room and who is in the writers room?
2. How to work in the writer's room.
3. Receive pointers and notes on how to pitch a project
4. Re-work your pitch to make it stronger
$ 45.00 - 95.00

San Diego's Film Industry is growing fast and Film Consortium Members are making it happen!  Film Consortium Plus Membership is a NEW way to support and get involved in all the exciting events, contests and opportunities emerging in the local community.  By becoming a member you not only help this effort grow, you also have access to a growing list of benefits. 



$95 per year for professionals (renewed annually)

$45 per year for students (renewed annually)

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Film Consortium San Diego!  It is because of our volunteers that we are able to continue to do work to promote and support the talent in our local film community.  Please fill out the following form so that we may learn about  you and find an appropriate volunteer position for you at one of our events.